11/2/2018  A good night’s sleep.  Starting newly. Books.  Sharing food. Facebook

11/3/2018  Surprise visits.  Randomness. Shared interests. 3 hours phone conversations.  Well wishes from those I adore.

11/4/2018  Daylight savings time.  Internet. Today I am grateful for friends I didn’t realize I had.  Today I am grateful for my community. Today i am grateful for my autonomy and being able to do it “my way”.

11/6/2018  Being wrong.  Down comforters.  Snuggling. Being cooked for. Making a difference for others people.

11/72018  Space. Imagination.  Communication. Perspective.  Starting new everyday.

11/8/2018  Light-heartedness.  Waking up in a new place.  Those outside the “prison”.  Family.

11/11/2018  Death. Drinking beer with Louis. Drinking beer with Z.  Today I’m grateful for watching the sun come up. Seeing a sky I’ve never seen before.  The opportunity to meet a whole new group of people.

11/15/2018  Getting there.  Dried Mango. Four wheelers!  Experience. Discovery.

11/27/2018  I am grateful for my friend Katie.  I am grateful for my friend Nina. I am grateful for my friend Peter.  I am grateful for my friend Christina. I am grateful for all of my friends.

11/28/2018  I am grateful for community.  I am grateful for being able to create my life.  I am grateful for my healthy body. I am grateful for house music.  I am grateful that people notice when I am not around.

11/29/2018 I am grateful for my room.  I am grateful for people like Tammy who care about and think about their families and friends and even their pets.  I am grateful for Facebook (I can’t believe it). I am thankful for my friend Alex who takes time and is genuinely interested in what’s going on in the lives of others.  I am grateful for audiobooks, without them I’d be lost.

11/30/2018  I am so grateful for Annette.  I am grateful for silent walks in the woods.  I am grateful for mushrooms. I am grateful for those who do what they say they are going to do.  I am grateful to have so many options.

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