10/31/2019 This morning I am grateful for one year of gratitude, for the difference it has made and for the curiosity it provokes when considering the future. I am grateful for abundance, the never-ending current of energy, to be a contribution and to in turn allow fulfilment. I am grateful to find warmth, freshness, and peace in the midst of the city bustle. I am grateful for art, artists, for self-expression, community, and connection, thankful the hard work already underway. I am grateful for riches, wealth, for wealth, for the knowledge that it does in fact grow on trees.

10/29/2019 This evening I’m grateful for the crests and troughs, feeling the frequency, and learning to ride the waves. I am grateful to commitment, grateful that I get it now. I am grateful for expression, to live outside of myself, losing myself in another. I am grateful to give, grateful the channels opening, grateful to move in the flow. I am grateful to be in it, no longer thinking, considering, deliberating. Gratefully saying how it goes, choosing faith, choosing to stay.

10/27/2019 This morning I am grateful to wake up into a new reality, with different eyes, entering into a brand new world. I am grateful to be fully in it, having the world coming at me all at once and flowing, moving, grooving with it. I am grateful for my work, MY work, the results it produces for me! I am grateful for this conversation, the power of gratitude, to disregard reason and timeline, to choose appreciation, because. I am grateful to be human amongst others, to eat, drink, sleep, fuck, and fight, to suspect and struggle for more.

10/26/2019 This morning I am grateful for horror movie season, laying on the couch and creeping ourselves out. I am grateful for shared meals and lively conversation with enthusiastic people. I am grateful for freedom, to hold the chains and the key. I am grateful for opportunity kicking down the door, ransacking the house, come on in! I am grateful for my perfect health, grateful I can focus on other things.

10/25/2019 Today I am grateful to know what I want, to know what I don’t want, grateful for the reminders. I am grateful for partnership, trust and honesty, for the commitment. I am grateful today to find myself in the speech and in the listening of others, getting comfortable in an instant with a new stranger. I am grateful for night rides through the busy city, grateful all of my perfect senses working in conjunction to make it possible to move through the traffic and chaos unscathed. I am grateful to return to a smile, to reciprocate, to support and be supported. I am grateful for routine, the simple few tangible pleasures.

10/23/2019 This morning I am grateful for productivity, to move and to connect. I am grateful for kimbab, a tick-atock a doo-wop. I am grateful for coaching, spacious awareness, disassociating from my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I am grateful for focus, a solid plan, the small steps taken. I am grateful for sovereignty, for my independence, making my own way and in partnership, grateful the tricks and turns the obstacles that present. Grateful the resultant compassion, strength, and agility.

10/22/2019 This morning I am grateful for sleep, to sleep long and late and to not feel guilty about it, to be well-rested. I am grateful for the mild air, breathing in, bathing in it. I am grateful for a homey space, a place I can relax into, a place to call home. I am grateful for optimal health, for unlimited range of movement, to have all of the energy in the world! I am grateful to have great friends, a great community, the perfect family for me. I am grateful today for the choice to be grateful, or not. Grateful for the capacity to comprehend the profundity of that choice and the will to practice, to fall and to stand up again and again.  

10/21/2019 This morning I am grateful for coaching, listening, going with the flow inside a structured framework. I am grateful for my network, the network. I am grateful for sensitivity, awareness, intuition. I am grateful for discernment. Today I am grateful to make it up as I go, creatively designing my experience out ahead, building the stage and props, doing the casting, the show is bound to be a hit. I am grateful to trust. I am grateful to scavenge, to share, to give it all away. 

10/19/2019 Tonight I am grateful for fall food, roasted everything, garlic, onions, apples and pears. I am grateful to be comfortable, at home, wherever I am. I am grateful for morning walks, smiles from strangers, simple miscommunications and getting clear. I am grateful for action, motion, rolling. I am grateful for harmony, harmonizing, to jive, to vibe. I am grateful for perfect listening, optimal health, to be a light.

10/18/2019 Today I am grateful to be in the city, proximity, closeness, relativity. I am grateful the roads and the trees, grateful there are still bees. I am grateful for the power in responsibility, and I am grateful that someone’s got my back. I am grateful for an overabundance of what is needed and just the right amount of unnecessary. I’m grateful for a change of pace, a down-tempo, romance, vulnerability, grace. I am grateful to surrender, to give myself over to the crowd, what be thy will? 

10/17/2019 Today I am grateful for vitality, for my own well-being and being the source of others’ wellness. I am gratefully creating myself apart from my environment and the others in it, my context independent of circumstances. I am grateful the abundance of opportunities available, for adaptability and dynamism. I am grateful to invite and share, to connect, to create. I am grateful to be a clear space of power and freedom, gratefully shining light. 

10/16/2019 This morning I am grateful for my sovereignty, to allow myself to remain separate from the chaos and drama when it works, to know that I have that choice, always. I am grateful for my friends. I am grateful for clarity, for steadiness and stability, for irony. I am grateful for partnership, for commitment, for the depths of experience given by that faith-full leap. This evening I am grateful to be, to allow, to be present to reality, for poise and flexibility of mind. 

10/15/2019 This morning I am grateful that I suck at typing. I am grateful to shut the fuck up. This morning I am grateful to have a nice cozy space to myself in the closet. I am grateful not to fight  back, grateful to take my beating and lay peacefully. Grateful for the reminder of the density of a hardwood floor when my pillow is stolen from me and my head smashes into it. I am grateful for my torn shirt and all of the sweet nothings scrawled in pen onto my palm and forearm, a reminder of the night before. I am gratefully giving up, submitting, not reacting, the perfect mirror reflection. 

10/14/2019 This afternoon I am grateful for my partner, gratefully put through the ringer I know I know how to love. I am grateful for my peanut butter addiction, I am grateful it’s not heroine. I am grateful to be aware, grateful for pattern recognition, grateful to be guided through my bliondspots. I am grateful to be perfect, whole, and complete, lacking nothing, grateful there is nothing wrong here. I am grateful to be outside of myself, gratefully in service of others. I am grateful to be filling out the space this winter, taking up room, growing into my britches.

10/12/2019 This morning I am grateful for all the groceries, for the opportunity and the space to cook and for such a resourceful partner. I am grateful for timetables and schedules, commitments and what is available out of sticking to them. I am grateful for the random happenings, the laughs. I am grateful for the potential of the day ahead, for what’s possible now. I am grateful to give service and to provide for others. 

10/11/2019 Today I am grateful for the cool air, the gray clouds and the bright, colorful future. I am grateful for this coffee buzz and the buzz of possibility there is for us and for our communities. I am grateful for resourcefulness, for being a contribution, sharing food, inspiration, ideas, and excitement. I am grateful for the mud, muck, the tar-pit, grateful for the struggle and the patience, persistence and support of my partner, friends and family whilst tromping through it. Grateful for humility, grateful my willingness to look dumb and stand tall despite my desire to run and hide. I am grateful for this new band I discovered, so talented and such energy.

10/10/2019 This morning I am grateful for progress, for connection, love, sharing, humanity, humility. I am grateful for modern technology, what’s been made possible as a result of imagination, exploration, and action. I am grateful that there is more to discover, grateful for the darkness and the little light that it takes to illuminate it. I am grateful for nature, the only system that matters, the only system that I am bound to while I occupy this material body steered by my intellectual mind. I am grateful for kindness and support, for sharing happiness, gratefully thinking of you! 

10/9/2019 This morning I am grateful for the attempt I made yesterday, it’s there, I’m not going to delete it, I am grateful to know that I tried. I am grateful for this lifestyle, created and uniquely mine, ours. I am grateful for adaptability, responsibility, presence. This morning I am grateful for a fair and even exchange. I am grateful for acknowledgement and the opportunity to be reflected by others. I am grateful to be a human, being. Grateful I am not alone on this trip. Thank you to everyone who has shown up with humility, authenticity, and support, for the awe I experience when considering the being-ness of “regular” people. I am grateful for you all!

10/8/2019 Today I am grateful for 

10/6/2019 This afternoon I am grateful for long hikes in fall foliage, campfires, and terrible puns. I am grateful for pigpiles in the two-door Honda. I am grateful to share food, stories, to share a weekend with great people. I am grateful for the big ups, the steep downs and coasting. I am grateful for constant change, adaptability. I am grateful for sweet kisses on the cheek when I least expect it. I am grateful to experience the slowness of the woods, the beauty, the hallucinations of mind witnessed in nature, love that trip. 

10/4/2019 This morning I am grateful for patterns, chaos and disorder coming in frequent waves. I am grateful for heightened sensitivity and learning from past experience. I am grateful for the sky in autumn, distinct from the rest of the year, crisp and clear blue, the clouds swiftly passing at a particular height and speed, the reminder of the unceasing nature of change. I am grateful to our gracious hosts, to the entire sharing community, for the promise of a future of more of that, grateful to be a contributor. Grateful the weekend of woods walking and friends talking that awaits, grateful to be invited two years in a row to a birthday hike in the Appalaichians. 

10/3/2019 This morning I am grateful for dramatic, hairpin, turn-on-a-dime shifts in being, grateful that the work works. I am grateful to be part of a global community of change makers, glad to know y’all, glad to be known, and I am glad to know myself. I am grateful for the vast, endless nature of opportunity, opportunity to share and contribute, to breathe and inspire, to be valuable, the opportunity to create the future. I am grateful this morning also for the little things, the simple few things, bare feet and clean, clear, cold water and fresh air. I am grateful those who came before, who struggled through it, to those struggling now, grateful for the wisdom to know where struggle is necessary and where it works to relax and have faith.

10/1/2019 This morning I am grateful for support and encouragement, for warmth, for family, to spend time however it looks. I am grateful to do good work, complete and lasting work. I am grateful to be able to put things to the side and switch gears, to have multiple interests, multiple skills, and one focus, to know how to use that focus with calm and clarity. I am grateful to free my mind, to let it ride and see what comes up. I am grateful for this long, arduous, and often enlightening process, to have had my experience and to have learned and grown from it. I am grateful that I can be a source of knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

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