It was a short month, and I am no less grateful. I was away at a meditation retreat and was unable to write while there. I spent ten days in silence without access to any media. It was glorious! I did miss writing my gratitude from time to time however and, as it was reiterated to me while there, Anicca! Everything ever-changing. No need to be attached nor averse to any of it. Here I am back at it now, the only time there is. Thanks y’all reading and following me on my journey!

9/30/2019 This morning I am grateful to connect, to know how I best fit in. I am grateful to flow with intention. I am grateful to be a leader, to shine light for another. I am grateful for dreams and dreaming, for doubt and fear, and for farts and laughter, that which connects each of us  and makes us human. I am grateful to live in the question, in the conversation, co-creating the future. I am grateful for the extremes, for the spectrum of experience, for comfort in discomfort, for finding balance. I am grateful this morning to spend time with the people I love, I am grateful to be the one who reaches out, keeps in touch, to be at the center of community. 

9/29/2019 This morning I am grateful to struggle, for the uphills, the switchbacks, the peaks and valleys, for knowing that it is all just part of the path. I am grateful to rest, to look back and see how far I have come, how far we have come. I am grateful for contemplation, musing, for banter. I am grateful for action begetting action, for the conception of new ideas, exploration, expansion and discovery. I am grateful to listen, to hear the truth, to trust that what I am hearing is authentic and true. I am grateful for continuity, building momentum, patience and persistence. 

9/28/2019 I am grateful this morning for nearly an entire day spent out of my head and in action with people, reconnecting, inspiring, sharing. I am grateful for family, old family, new family, unofficial membership, created family. I am grateful for walking and talking and having a laugh, for lightness, equanimity. I am grateful to be right where I am, nothing missing, nothing flawed, nothing bad or wrong, I am grateful the imperative of perfection. This morning I am grateful for boldness, for bringing nothing to the party, grateful to abide in the background of potentiality.

9/27/2019 This morning I am grateful for the gray backdrop accentuating the bright fall colors. I am grateful to go with the flow, roll with the punches, non-attachment and the distinction of commitment. I am grateful for my ever-expanding yet tighter-still community, grateful the image that produces in my mind. I am grateful coaching, for taking action, for results. I am grateful for my sweet tooth and what that means in the context of this coming season, apple crisp, zucchini bread, cake cake, yum! grateful and happy to share.

9/26/2019 This evening I am grateful for coming back to presence, and the awareness of my inner workings. I am grateful for clear comprehension, being able to understand the why’s and not needing to understand them. I am grateful to know that I am remembered, loved, and appreciated. I am grateful to catch up with old friends, for familiarity, for time passing, for letting it be. Tonight I am grateful to stick with it, patience and persistence, grateful for my own unique, individual perspective of the world. 

9/25/2019 This morning I am grateful to emerge from dream remaining half in and half out, wading waist deep in the ocean of a familiar but otherworldly substance. I am grateful for the schedule, the structure and for the freedom that I am experiencing in adherence to the timetable. I am grateful to spend time with my buddy yesterday, to experience yet again that things change and still remain the same, grateful to pick up right where we left off. I am grateful for dahlias, spring water, and good humor. Grateful to contribute and allow contribution, for patience and persistence, diligence and devotion. 

9/24/2019 This morning I am grateful for adaptability, dynamic change, being open to possibility. I am grateful for the ripple-back, echoing, the return of the wave, natural law. I am grateful for stillness, silence within the soundscape, subtlety. I am grateful today for the calm rain, late summer warmth, the smell of decay, the approaching autumn. I am grateful for relatability, compassion, knowing we are all on the same roller coaster albeit in different cars. 

9/23/2019 Today I am grateful to be completely unreasonable. I am grateful to do things that scare the crap out of me. I am grateful to take the long way home, winding swiftly through the hills and small towns of Massachusetts. I am grateful for comfortable quiet and time to reflect. I am grateful for my friends, how they are and how they are not. I am grateful that little red Honda, filthy and squeaky and perfect. Gratefully looking forward to the coming few weeks. 

9/22/2019 This morning I am so grateful for the muck and for my morning meditation. I am grateful for partnership, for collaboration, for noticing where there are expectations and learning to clear them from the space in order to bring workability. Grateful for integrity, doing what I say I’ll do, doing what’s expected of me. I am grateful for lists. I am grateful for morning light, existing in a space that makes it possible to appreciate the sanctity of simplicity, . I am grateful to connect over vast distances of space and time, validation of the illusory nature of my waking life. I am grateful to have people in my life open to depth and possibility, aware the subtleties ever present in the dull and drab. 

9/21/2019 This afternoon I am grateful for new habits and sticking to them. I am grateful for massages and movie night. I am grateful for the little things, kindness, consideration. I am grateful this afternoon for new people, new opportunity, a new chapter starting.

9/20/2019 Today I am grateful to be observant, to experience without judgment, to observe when judgement is present. I am grateful for inspiration, for divine downloads. I am grateful to think big, to be unorthodox, unconventional, to have this be my natural state. I am grateful for my fear, getting more and more practiced at going right towards it. 

9/19/2019 Today I am grateful for routine, for new habits. I am grateful for collaboration, working together in a creative way, bringing a vision to life. I am grateful today for the support of my community, sharing, and finding commonality, confirmation of the path. This morning I am grateful for faith, for confidence, for taking the right actions. Today I am grateful to be vulnerable and to continue to discover that which I do not know. 

9/18/2019 Today I am grateful for my partner, her resolve, her curiosity and creativity, for her effort and capacity for expansion. I am grateful for darkness, for silence, and for the space to be with myself. I am grateful the pleasure, pain, and the plainness of now, the constant opportunity to be with it as it is. yathā bhūta. I am grateful for the changing season, hot and then cold, calm and then, stormy; perfect. I am grateful to know myself and to discover more and more everyday. I am grateful that this is now my work, through observation and experience understanding the mysteries of the vast cosmos within myself. 

9/17/2019 Today I am grateful to be back! I am grateful for the two weeks away and for the practice, space, and wisdom gained, for knowing that I wasted nothing taking full advantage of my time away. I am grateful today for my mom, it is her birthday! I am grateful for all that my mom has sacrificed for me, grateful for her smile, kindness, sense of humor and for her patience and understanding especially this summer. I am grateful to my mother for her selflessness and for her strong connection to relative reality. I am grateful to call my mom my mom and to be here and present on this side of the planet to be with her today.

9/1/2019 Today I am grateful for the indescribable dream, albeit understandable. I am grateful for my rolling cave on wheels, time to process and think. I am grateful to reconnect after years or moments or no time passing at all. Grateful to provide that which my community needs. I am grateful to share my experience such that others are touched, moved, and inspired. I am grateful today, everything is perfect, it has to be, it couldn’t be any other way.

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