So over the past week, I’ve put on my techie pants and actually EDITED A VIDEO!!!! ——–> Youtube Video

(I’m working out the kinks to having the video play here, so in the meantime, follow the Youtube Link above!)

Throughout my move in process here at the Cape, I documented as much as I could, including taking pictures of MOST of my things and cataloging it into a list (find that below). Of note: Why, oh why, is it so hard to get rid of things? I thought I did pretty well, and I STILL have 5 purses!!! Anyway, why is this relevant to TantraBanter?

Well, this new adventure is about my devotion to a contemplative life and in pursuit of more meaning, I’ve quit my job and gotten rid of 95% of my possessions. I’m talking about CLEANING HOUSE. I donated all but a few things to friends and family, and brought the rest to Savers. Jim and I are ecstatic of this simple life we are creating for ourselves and are starting to document this journey in the form of a mini-project titled, Maximizing Minimal!

I’m curious, for those who hesitate to make the jump in downsizing your life and living more simply, what is your reason for taking pause? And for those who have made the jump, any advice for someone who is soon to downsize even further and take her possessions in a BACKPACK AND HIT THE ROAD?!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!


My Things and Stuff: 

6 coats

8 dresses

1 belt

5 purses

1 fancy pants

7 jeans

7 shorts

6 skirts

3 yoga pants

2 hoodies

1 hawaiian shirt

6 long sleeves

13 sweaters

8 short sleeves

5 boots

3 heels

2 sandals

3 sneakers

3 bath towels

1 bag of batteries and chargers

2 blankets

1 comforter and duvet

1 camping stove

1 chess set

1 empty cigar box

climbing gear

1 pair stereo phones

1 mattress

1 bag of nail polish

1 notebook

1 box of office stuff and important documents

1 pocket knife

1 sleeping pad

1 bike lock

1 walkman

1 water sterilizer

2 yoga mats

1 bicycle

1 iphone

1 laptop

1 chromebook

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