Who? Everyone in the entire world.

  • 24 hours of meditation live streamed to a global audience
  • Each hour introduces a new meditation technique led live by a teacher.
  • Main Mettā Event is 11 minutes of synchronized high-vibe concentrated visualization intentionally creating loving-kindness  and simultaneous meditation event with the possibility of Tens of Thousands of International Meditators coming together and getting connected

  • Meditation begins 11/1/19 at 12am EST until 11/2/2019 at 12am EST
  • Main Mettā Event is from 11am to 11:11am EST.
Where? Remote. Anywhere & Everywhere. Just tune into @TantraBanter on Instagram or YouTube to get connected to the global community. If you are not connected to internet or social media, please  join us anyway & know you are connecting with thousands in meditation.
Why? To generate positive intention in the world. Create waves of good. Energy filled with love and peace. Mettā .
Download the event flyer here.
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