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Welcome a paradigm shift.

We are friends and lovers sharing a spiritual connection and prayerful appreciation for Living.

We spring our souls from individual sovereignty to bridge a connection as two explorers. This is the place where water and electricity meet, where mind, body, and spirit congregate and mingle, and where the raw and primal fistbumps the magic spark of the divine.

Welcome to Now. Be in rapture. Be moved.

Welcome to Tantra Banter. A song of freedom, a story unfolding.

Jim Gustafson

Hey I’m Jim and I am an artist! I have been on a life-long journey, breaking down conditioning and social and mental-constructs, uncovering truth. I am creating my LIFE as a work of art! I travel, talk with people and I share with them the things that I have learned. I document the process and I share it here. I live to inspire and am inspired to LIVE!

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Annette Kim

I am a curious soul on my journey of exploration into the unknown and bringing you for the ride. I am a young Scientist, MBA school drop out, meditation student, ex-9 to 5 corporate drone, prior Sunday School teacher, recently sober, prolific reader, consummate boundary pusher, a Waxing Poetic, and absolutely wild about the possibilities of Life.

I am living a life that intentionally pushes me out of my comfort zone, in order to maximize the growth-potential experiences I have in this lifetime. I am studying and documenting these experiences under my hashtag #AnnetteLearnsStuff and my pseudonym, Vorazyloco.

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