Lesson 12: Enthusiasm

I Am Not Your Guru, Tony Robbins

Netflix & Chill

Tony Robbins’ recent Netflix special, I Am Not Your Guru, goes behind-the-scenes for the first time at one of his trademark events, Date with Destiny. For three days, Robbins is in his element; at the helm of this colossal ship of aspirations, hopes, dreams, ghosts of the past, and heartaches. 

Not surprisingly, he has some interesting practices. In several scenes at Robbins’ home, he is jumping on his trampoline while conducting business calls and backstage at the event, he chats congenially with the camera whilst jumping on his mini travel-trampoline. Apparently the dude likes to jump. A lot.

People are having breakdowns and break-through’s left and right, and he is there with it all, high energy and present, raw and visceral. Ever the observant one, I put two and two together and my takeaway from the movie is …?

Get your jump on. 

These days I’m cultivating a jumping practice – I jump up and down in the mornings and when I feel like poop. It is inexplicable why it works, but it does. My very non-scientific theory based on sample size, n=1, finds that jumping generates energy and enthusiasm. 

It lights me up to bobble up and down with my arms high. The blood in my heart pumping and it is a positive trigger, bringing me to the state of being as a child doing simple kid things. If you have a partner who will jump with you, even better! 

After the age of 10, people don’t jump unless they’re at a concert or exercising – Why did we ever stop?

Dale Carnegie


One of the OG’s in self development, Dale Carnegie, was an ardent admirer of Enthusiasm. He wrote extensively on the topic and shared countless stories about the rewards of its virtue, attributing to it much of his success 

Enthusiasm is like the laughter that bubbles out of you, unable to be stopped, like a natural spring from the earth. It is the hope for the new day, the curiosity of what fun is to be had, and the presence to be open to opportunities and possibilities abound. 

Robbins and his mini-trampoline, Source article is a good read, https://fortune.com/2014/10/30/tony-robbins-best-advice-executive-coach/

Swiss Army Knife

Jumping also processes the nervous energy out of me. Have you ever just felt weird? Like ughick… just something is so uncomfortable, like there’s an itchy tag on your sweater … or you have way too many clothes on, just something is not right!

Well, jumping can help with that. If you have anxiety, stress, anger, or rage that is left over from a stressful incident, you can jump it the fuck out.

This Swiss army knife hack of sorts is an unexpected lesson but nonetheless, one of my top favorites.

Jumping is the ultimate expression of excitement and energy. It is the unstoppable, undiminished, rushing of a wave, a crashing waterfall, potential and kinetic energy mixing and combusting like reactive chemicals in one giant BOING! It levels up the game and your state of mind. 

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