Lesson 17: Time Flies By

Youth Culture

We all know it’s coming. Mortality- The fleeting essence of life itself. Growing up, I heard it all the time from people I knew, the mainstream culture, everywhere. We are a culture obsessed with Time, the passing of the sun, which we’ve designated units of measurement and created shrines in its name called day planners and calendars.

Time Flies – source

Entering my Twenties, I didn’t care at all about youth, despite hearing it whispered everywhere around me, “You won’t stay young forever!” In fact, I felt there was so much pressure around my potential that I would much rather just Grow Up already – to be Thirty seemed much more chill. This decade was all about what I should be doing and scrambling to make sure I was doing the Right Thing that I wasn’t present for what was going on in front of me.

What happens when I don’t pay attention? Nothing! Life just moves on. Exactly nothing happens. Opportunities aren’t noticed, beautiful moments aren’t appreciated, sensations aren’t savored, and a meaningful Life isn’t built.


The fleeting nature of time has suddenly become so palpable I feel as if I’ve become lucid in a dream. It took forever to get to 20 years old, then somewhere between 25 and 30, it went into hyper drive. Now, I get what everyone’s been telling me.

Now, the up and coming artists and musicians are younger than me. Suddenly I have more than one white hair on my head. People younger than 25 years old are like kids and people older than 40 feel like my peers. I’m not sure what happened in these ten years that passed, but suddenly I’m actually not a kid anymore.

The time flew in my Twenties and it was a wondrous, hazy, crazy, reckless adventure full of learning, both inside and outside of textbooks. At my 28th year was when the tide turned; so many changes occurred that year in 2018. The biggest boon was a job loss that led to my sobriety, which was ultimately the greatest gift I’ve ever given to myself.

Everything since then has been preparation for my entrance into my third decade, i.e. keeping good habits, learning Vipassana Meditation, cultivating a daily practice, clarifying what my values are, and finding a great partner. With the addition of a conscious understanding of the nature of Time, my Thirties are sure to usher in new era.


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