herring run

Herring Run – Cape Cod, MA – Summer 2019

Turning Thirty

As an homage to my turning THIRTY next month, I am writing a list of “20 Things I Learned in my 20’s”. It is a deeply personal account of all the lessons I’ve painstakingly learned during this decade.

These lessons come from real affairs of the heart and soul:

  • those heart-wrenching guttural shrieks of just everything and nothing
  • long moments of painful awkwardness
  • perpetual spiritual confusion
  • the overwhelming heartache, emotional despair, and dark depression that led me cliffside too many times

But also,

  • moments of beautiful brilliance and absolute raw passion of youth
  • the openness with which I just took everything in
  • the pureness & tenacity of spirit that had me throw myself into the game again and again and again
  • the romance of being a person alive on this planet.

Why am I doing this?

My reasons for writing this list are twofold.

  1.  It is my offering to the world. Maybe something I write will spark something in you. Maybe it is the sign you are looking for.
  2. This is my way of processing the decade. Leading up to turning thirty, I minimized its impact. Like a blissful ostrich with its head in the sand, I said, ‘Thirty? Psh.. whatever, it’s just a number; it doesn’t matter to me.” I thought I was too good to freak out over turning thirty and now that it’s almost a month away, I’m nervous. It’s fucking Thirty! What the fuck. When did this happen? And maybe writing this list will answer that question – It happened when all this learning was going on, duh!

Starting from Thursday, December 19, 2019 to January 6, 2020, I will write a lesson every day and add them to the List below. Enjoy and please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

  1. Getting Sober “My life worked so why change anything?”
  2. Personal Responsibility “What kind of world would we live in if everyone took personal responsibility?”
  3. The Secret to Motivation is Getting Clear On Your Values  “What makes the journey worth it?”
  4. Thinking With The Heart  “Free to be.”
  5. Integrity “I couldn’t trust myself, it wasn’t me steering my own ship.”
  6. Gratitude “The ultimate Koan”
  7. Done is Better Than Perfect “Half-Assing like a pro…”
  8. Paralysis by Analysis “Shake off the crust of stagnancy and take action. Go out and do shit.”
  9. Go and Travel “Travel sparked a new way of thinking, a shift in perspective, a change in paradigm …”
  10. Cause the Communication “Relationships are mutual attention and care over time.”
  11. Judgement “Why can’t I just get it right?”
  12. Enthusiasm “Jump it the fuck out!”
  13. Defining My Success “Another layer of the onion…”
  14. What is Love? “Love as a Power Struggle”
  15. Fearlessness vs. Recklessness, the Difference? “Do it with presence”
  16. Acceptance “Once I accept and let be, I let Discovery occur”
  17. Time Actually Flies By  “I feel as if I’ve become lucid in a dream.”
  18. How to Make a Bangin’ Hollandaise and Drive a Moped in Southeast Asia  “Never Stop Learning
  19. Cultivate a Daily Practice
  20. Authenticity “…my experiences out there, intermingling with yours.”

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