Dear Zoe,

This is your Auntie Net. I’m not sure where you are in the process of saying hi to the world as I write this and I cannot wait to see your cute little face. My heart is already with you. I am thinking of you.

It is strange to think of a new life who is now suddenly and inextricably tied to me. That silvery, incandescent thread like a spider’s silk clinging off my body and yours, strung between us. You, whom I don’t know and yet, I feel.

Forever, we are family. And as I‘ve wondered so many times throughout my years – why? For some reason, you’re born into your family. You are tied to your mom and Miles. There is something there for you and I wish you all the love in discovery.

This journey takes on all sorts of shapes and forms. This is just the beginning for you and what a wild start it is!

You are born amidst the backdrop of the beginning of a pandemic. There is uncertainty and unknowing in the air. Everyone is shaken up out of their comfort zones, their day to days. No one is sure what the next months will bring, what the next year will look like, when or whether the normalcy will return. This is the first of its kind.

I write this first letter to you in a cabin in New Hampshire. Before me is a large, blue lake onto which the ducks swoop in and settle like airline pilot pros. I find comfort here. A place to tuck into and read, write, cook, eat, learn, and love. Sometimes, I think what is happening is I am learning to love more than anything.

Where are you coming from, Zoe? Who are you and what wonderful things will you do here on this Earth? I can’t wait to see. I wish you all the beauty, love, and ease of life. Always, I am here for you.



Auntie Net

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