Daily Gratitude Meditation


What are you grateful for?


5/31/2019  Today I am grateful to be making food for the party tomorrow.  I am thankful the well-equipped kitchen to myself. I am grateful for fresh vegetables, the coming season, local food!  I am grateful to hand over control. Today I am grateful for coaching and for my coaches. I am grateful for the work that I am doing.  I am grateful the value and happy to have paid for it ALL myself. I am grateful the support I am receiving from my community. Thank You!  I am grateful to post another month of gratitude. I am grateful for simplicity. As I move deeper and deeper through the layers a pattern emerges from within another pattern.  The chaos of organization, the tuning of frequency.

5/30/2019  This morning I am grateful for proof.  I am grateful to be seeing results from consistent action.  Maybe 4 or five months ago if you asked me about my dreams I’d have told you that I might remember one or two of my dreams in a year, I am now dreaming nearly every night!  I am grateful for the reflexion that comes with having a partner in truth, and taking responsibility.  I am grateful for simplicity. I am grateful to just breathe. I am grateful that I can take one step at a time.  

5/29/2019  This morning I am grateful for vivid dreams, for any dreams.  I am grateful for a cold morning and rain. I am grateful for a hot outside shower.  I am grateful to fit my life into my backpack and go.

5/28/2019  Today I am grateful to share space.  I am grateful to share ideas. I am grateful to share food.  I am grateful to share frustrations. I am grateful to share honestly.  Today I am grateful for someone to share with.

5/26/2019  Today I am grateful for a slow and quiet start.  I am grateful for a lot of time outside in the fresh air and warm sun.  Grateful to meet new people around town. I am grateful for my “weird”. Today I am grateful for tiffs and spats and shortcuts through the woods and neighbors’ driveways.  I am grateful for clear communication and clear vision. Today I am grateful for seamless integration. I am grateful to my Mom and to Ken for allowing us to stay with them this summer and giving us the time and space and freedom to create what we love.

5/25/2019  This morning I am grateful for the warm sun the singing birds and the fresh air.  I am grateful to be meeting folks in the neighborhood. I am grateful for strong hot tea.  I am grateful how quickly time can pass, and I am grateful to have caught it in time. I am grateful to serve, grateful to listen, grateful to share.  I am so grateful joining forces with a powerful creator, living our collective vision.

5/22/2019  Today I am grateful to do something I am scared of.  I am grateful to my neighbors for being so receptive and kind to me after many years of my bitterness.  I am grateful today for the science, I am grateful for the spirituality, and I am grateful for my experience.  Today I am grateful for my legs and for the long walk in the woods. I am grateful for daylilies, lilies of the valley, and lady slippers.

5/21/2019  This morning I am grateful for vivid dreams.  I am grateful to look back and see that I have been writing consistently and that it begins to add up over time.  I am grateful to know that I am doing it correctly and grateful to see that it is a practice and there is no “perfect”.  I am grateful for such a real and honest relationship. I am grateful to share. I am grateful to meet new people and to listen.  Grateful for coincidence. I am grateful for my unique perspective.

5/20/2019  Today I am grateful to stick to my schedule.  I am grateful for warm sunshine and blue skies.  I am grateful to be so close to the ocean, grateful to be able to put my feet in any time I like.  I am grateful for my focus, my will, my obsession! I am grateful when my friends reach out to me. I am gratefully creating opportunities all around me.

5/19/2019  Today I am grateful to be of service.  I am grateful that I can ease the lives of others.  I am grateful to see old friends. I am grateful for feedback, indicators, signs that I am on the right track (or the wrong one).  I am grateful to relax and unwind.

5/18/2019  This morning I am grateful for a well polished mirror.  There is no denying the facts. I am grateful for cold, color, crisp air, coffee, coaching, and clarity.  I am grateful my family, reaching back. I am grateful for technology, video conferencing, sharing ideas, instant communications no matter distance.  I am grateful for vision and manifestation and intention. I am grateful to have visitors today and to spend time on the beach flying a giant kite. Grateful for seabreezes and cigarettes (from time to time) and killer calls will my team!

5/17/2019  This morning I am grateful to sleep with all of the windows open.  I am grateful for cool, damp, fresh air. I am grateful to go swimming in the ocean, grateful that the water is already so warm.  I am grateful the great conversations I had yesterday, glad to know that I can make a difference for my clients, friends and family.  I am gratefully coming to see my real value. I am gratefully creating opportunity for myself and others, opportunity to say how it will go.

5/16/2019  This morning I am grateful for the formula, I am grateful that there exists a way.  I am grateful to be learning and finding a way to navigate artfully through the structure.  Like a grapevine on a trellis, rigid structure to support growth, blossoms and eventual fruit.  I am grateful for a quiet morning, the birds chirping, sun shining. I am grateful for a healthy body free from pain.  I am grateful for a healthy mind, free from guilt, shame, regret, excuse, rumination. I am grateful to this moment, buzzing, expansive.  

5/15/2019  This morning I am grateful for inspiration!  I am grateful for reflexion and the opportunity to do so.  I am grateful to share all that I am able. I am grateful to know we all go through the same things, I’m gratefully cultivating compassion.  I’m grateful to spend time with my nephew who reminds me that joy is the default.

5/14/2019  Today I am gratefully cultivating patience.  I am grateful for knowledge, practice and experience.  I am grateful to be connecting with others. I am grateful for accountability.  

5/13/2019  Today I am grateful to remember and document my dreams.

5/12/2019   This morning I am grateful to be with family.  I am grateful for “The Princess Bride” lullaby.  I am gratefully learning the ropes of creating my own business.  I am grateful to be getting comfortable with the camera. I am grateful to my mom today, Mother’s Day and everyday for her will, for her love of others, and for her support.  

5/11/2019  This morning I am grateful to have someone to relate myself to.  I am grateful for movement, no matter how uncomfortable. I am grateful for the discomfort.  I am grateful for a strong healthy body. I am grateful a strong healthy mind. I am grateful to be taking my pastimes and transforming them into my full-times!  I am gratefully trudging through the muck, gratefully absorbing the nutrients contained within and gratefully reaching towards the light.

5/10/2019  This morning I am grateful for squidding and squid ink.  I am grateful for warm sunshine and cool air, working outside in short sleeves.  I am grateful for impeccable timing. I am grateful for congruency, everything fitting together, everything in its right place. I am grateful for collaboration, challenges, discussions, growth.

5/9/2019  Today I am grateful to dry the clothes outdoors.  I am grateful my strong focus and stamina. I am grateful to “get it all in”.  Grateful for effortlessness. I am gratefully allowing it to come to me. I am grateful for intuition, my knowing.  I am grateful the layers, the learning and the luxury.

5/8/2019  Today I am grateful for morning light.  I am grateful for peepers peeping. I am grateful for earplugs and goose down.  Today I am grateful for skinny tires and new pavement. I am grateful for constant change and the perception that some things never do.  Grateful for objectivity, perspective.

5/7/2019  This morning I am grateful for green grass, and red-winged blackbirds.  I am grateful the first station I stopped being the cheapest gas I saw all day!  I am grateful audiobooks and podcasts, I’m grateful learning on-the-go. I am grateful to my will.  I am grateful the conversations I am having lately, I’m grateful to feel relatable.

5/6/2019  This morning I am grateful for quiet still morning in an empty house.  I am grateful for inquisitive toddlers. I am grateful for my bike helmet, I love my brain.  I am grateful for a brisk morning ride and a beautiful park and garden to record my video! I am grateful for all of my tools!  I am grateful for public libraries and the focused energy I find there. I am grateful to know my worth, to know that I’ve made, do make and continue making a difference.

5/5/2019  Today I am grateful for practice.  I am grateful to make mistakes, it is the only way to grow.  I am grateful for ramen noodles from Magetsu! I am grateful for getting over myself!  I am grateful for spring onions and drizzly spring hikes. I am grateful for my “stuff”, that which I use to create!  I am grateful for those others who are unapologetically themselves and out there in the world sharing.

5/4/2019  Today I am grateful for very deep, restful, dreamful sleep!  I am grateful to wake up 4 minutes before a scheduled call, make the call, and have a powerful start to my day.  I am grateful for Hollandaise Girl! Today I am grateful for inspiration, flow, and alignment. I am grateful for my meditation group.  I am grateful for encouragement and subtle acknowledgements. I am grateful to be creating opportunity this day!

5/3/2019  This morning I am grateful for the relationships that I am cultivating.  I am grateful for the intentionality of it! Today I am grateful to be creating it as I go along.  I am grateful for the rain, I love the springtime feels! I am grateful for my will and awareness. I am grateful to help, and grateful to be helped.  I am grateful for the pain and the struggle and for the resulting growth that comes with. I am grateful for my fears, without them I’d be lost.

5/2/2019  Back at it!  Yes! What a great day today!  I am grateful for my stick-to-itveness!  No matter how much it may appear that I’ve given up on things throughout the years I’ve always had one thing in my mind!  I am grateful for that vision however blurry it has been at times. I’m grateful for the blurriness too, I’m grateful that it is still being defined!  I am grateful for my #bicycle! That’s right I’m hashtagging again, I’m grateful for #hashtags! Today I am grateful for my coach and coaching, I’m grateful to feel engaged again with something that is important to me.  Oh and I am grateful for my late lunch here @bahn.meee in West Hartford, this place is bomb!

5/1/2019  Holy wow! How time flies!  I am grateful for this challenge!  I am grateful that I have so much growing to do!  I am grateful for the pain and discomfort! I am grateful for the growth I am grateful for making mistakes and dropping the ball.  I am grateful for time spent in darkness. I am grateful for the random spontaneity of life! I am grateful for wisdom, I am grateful for ignorance too.

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