The 8 week course on mindfulness (MBSR) came to a close a week ago. Along the way, I bumped up against real life and had moments of transformation. It was within these pockets of space that I was able to restructure my narrative of how life occurs to me: as happening to me versus being the change agent, and how.

It wasn’t a silver bullet of stress management, as much as I initially hoped it would be, just like I did with Vipassana meditation back in September (read that story here). Instead, it is another set of tools by which I can create the life I want to live. The key is that it must be used. It does me no good sitting in the shed, collecting dust. Meditation and mindfulness must be integrated into a consistent and daily practice.

To read about my experience and what I learned each week, follow the links below to take you through the journey from orientation on January 29 to March 25. Enjoy ♥

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