The Birth

The Vulgate Text was birthed on the Storrs campus at the University of Connecticut in 2011.

At the time, I was an Adderall-addicted Junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. I kept immaculate notes and was obsessed with graph paper and penmanship. During the many hours spent studying in Homer Babbidge Library, I spent my breaks doodling and writing stream-of-consciousness poetry. Thus, birthed The Vulgate Text.

Central themes in this work are metaphysics, spirituality, religion, and philosophy. You can imagine this as the intersection in time where a naive religious girl meets philosophy and the World and their mind is blown.

I made copies of my ‘zine at the local Staples and distributed them on campus at night. Everything was anonymous. It was my art. It was thrilling.

Oh, and the name, The Vulgate Text? Well …

vulgate text name


Love, Annette

Issue I

Enter the Arena of the Mind Vortex

Issue II

Wash Your Brain

Issue III

Shh ... I Am Sneaking Away to Dreamland

What They Said

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